Romit Payments Launched

We are proud to announce Romit Payments – the world’s first globally distributed payment network for underbanked industries.


Using an embedded button that can be quickly dropped in to any online checkout process, verified businesses can finally process payments from customer credit and debit cards where they may not have otherwise been able to do so in the past.  Our globally distributed network of licensed money handlers ensures high availability when securely processing payments.

Blockchain technology powers our unique form of settlement allowing our service to accept any payment method and instantly transmit any currency to any other currency at a global scale.

Checkout our example payment button  on the website today to experience how easy it is to use.

Bug Bounty Program Launched

We have publicly launched our bug bounty program with HackerOne – a platform that enables companies to pay out bounties for vulnerability disclosures found by independent security researchers.    You can find our page here ->


The importance of security in bitcoin goes without saying, and we are happy to add this platform of responsible disclosures to our arsenal of steps taken to keep customers safe.